Wrapping Up Christmas

See what I did there?

This is the final installment of my posts about using FlyLady’s Christmas Control Journal to take charge of the holidays. Previous installments can be found here, here and here

 Christmas 2015 is over. Kaput. And even though I still don’t have all of my decorations put away, I’m sad to see it go. No wonder some people start decorating right after Halloween; the season just isn’t long enough.

Our Christmas was wonderful. Lots of food, lots of laughs and especially lots of love. My son just turned 2 in October so he really didn’t get a lot of what was going on. We did what we could: watched a lot of Christmas Mickey, ate a lot of cookies, and tried to get him interested in opening gifts.  He particularly enjoyed the cookie part but I’m not sure he really cared about the rest of it.

How did I hold up? Pretty well actually. My stress level stayed low and I think being organized with the help of my journal can take the credit for that. We hosted a very nice meal for my family on Saturday and I was even organized enough to take ingredients with me to make a dip for the family gathering at my in-laws later that week. We didn’t have any last minute gift grabs. I did drop the ball in two areas though: pets and dressing for travel.

I completely blanked on making sure our cats had enough kibble for while we were out of town. This resulted in my husband having to make a mad Christmas Eve dash to Kroger before we left town. Not a disaster by any means but it could have been avoided with better planning. Better make a pet column in my journal for next year!

The second misstep was not packing enough clothes for travel. I way overpacked for my son and under packed for myself somehow. The fact that it was unseasonably warm this Christmas didn’t help; the stuff I did pack for me was way too warm. My husband wore shorts for Christmas dinner, for crying out loud! Thankfully, my sister in law had an extra short sleeve Christmas shirt which saved the day. The Journal had a page for travel planning but I just didn’t put the thought into what I packed for me. Next year, I’ll do better.

Basically, I feel like keeping a journal was a tremendous help to me and it’s something I plan to continue. If you feel overwhelmed by the holidays, I’d highly recommend giving it a try for yourself.






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