Weekly Check In: Heading Into the Ho Ho Homestretch

This is the latest in a series of posts about my efforts in using FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal. You can read previous posts here and here.

By the time this posts, it will be one week from Christmas Day. And I feel like I have the heavy lifting of Christmas behind me. Gift buying is basically done. The work week is nearly over. Time to kick back and just ENJOY the holidays.

What a concept, eh?

This past Saturday, I met my two best girl friends for our annual Christmas lunch. We exchanged gifts-and I actually felt good about what I bought them for a change. I also had them purchased and bagged well in advance of our lunch. None of that last minute oh-my-gosh-I’ve-got-to-find-a-gift-by-tomorrow business. We had an amazing meal at a local place then walked around the downtown area and browsed in some boutiques. The weather was unseasonably warm-70s!-and it was just a great day to be out and about.

 On Monday, my husband and I delivered shoes to our local Chevy dealership who organizes a shoe drive each year for local kids. I also made the service department fudge. Both of these things were on my list, and I had marked the due date for shoe delivery on my calendar.  Score!

On Wednesday, it was sushi with another dear friend. I had completely dropped the ball on her Christmas gifts the past two years. One year was possibly excusable since I was home with a newborn but last year I had no excuse. This year she was on my Journal list of gifts to buy and I had a custom made ornament for her to celebrate her engagement. Score!

Thursday was our office cookie exchange. I made a list of possible treats in my Journal, narrowed those down based on time, effort and ingredients, and ended up going with a new cookie recipe that was totally out of the blue. I had considered also making Dreamsicle Fudge but decided two treats on a work night might be pushing it.

This weekend, I will host my side of the family for our Christmas dinner. This is something that we’ve done for several years because we travel to my husband’s family for the actual holiday. So, I guess the last Christmas challenge will be getting my house in order and getting a meal on the table. I’ve had the menu plan made out in my journal for a while now as well as the grocery list and I’ve already bought a few things. I’ll update on that in my next installment.

Hope your holidays are as smooth as fudge!



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