Weekly Check-In: Taking Control of Christmas

  Last week, I shared with y’all that I’m using the FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal to take charge of Christmas. And I just know that you are all out there wondering, how’s that working for you?

The answer is: pretty good!

First, let’s talk gifts. The journal provides two spreadsheets for tracking gifts that you plan to purchase (there’s additional log sheets for gifts that you make). Each sheet has columns to list the name of the person you are buying for, what to buy them, how much to spend, where to buy it, plus shipping arrangements, wrapping status, and a check off column for when everything is done and the receipt is in your receipt envelope. I set up one sheet for family and one for friends/co-workers.

Now, it’s well known that I’m a lover of lists. When I make a list, I follow through whether it’s a shopping list, to-do list, a playlist…I follow the list. So, having all of my gifts to buy written down has motivated me to get busy with shopping. Right now, I’d say that I’m about 90% finished. Nothing is wrapped but for the most part, the majority of the gifts that I needed to buy are in my home or in route to my home.

Next up, decorating. The FlyLady apparently is a decorating whiz. There’s a sheet of the journal dedicated to decorations. She gives you prompts for each room or area of your house such as the entryway or main bath. Even though I don’t decorate as extensively as her, it was a helpful guide to figuring out what to put where. She provides lots of blank spaces so that you can customize the journal so I pencil in things that I’ve put out as decoration. I think this will be helpful at the end of the season when I have to put everything up because it never fails that as soon as the attic door is shut, I find a stray snowman somewhere. This time I will use my journal list to make sure that I have everything captured.

And finally, food. I haven’t really used this part yet but I will in the upcoming week as I plan for an office cookie exchange and a meal with my family. She provides templates for grocery lists, menu planning and a place to copy your recipes if you wish. I’ll report more on that later.

An added touch for my journal was a coupon envelope. We receive a lot of store coupons in the mail during this time of year so I cut those out and put them in an envelope inside my journal. So far, this has saved me about $30.

Hope your holiday season has started off merry and bright!


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