Planning the Perfect Pinterest Party!

IMG_2101The holiday season is off and running, and if you are like me, a couple of the items on your list of Things I Want To Do is get together with friends, and work on a holiday project from Pinterest. You can combine both of these by having a Pinterest Party! The notion of a Pinterest Party was introduced to me by my friend Erin who always loves a good get together and a good Pinterest craft or recipe. (This was before she left us all here in Kentucky to move to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan-not that I’m still pouting about that). It’s pretty simple: invite a few of your crafty friends, pick out a project, maybe fix a snack, and have fun! Having been a guest and a host, here are a few of my tips for throwing an awesome Pinterest Party.

  1. Choose your guest list carefully, and keep it short. This isn’t the type of party where you should invite everyone in your contact list. It’s best to keep your party small. I would recommend no more than 6 people so that everyone can sit together, share supplies, and work comfortably. You also need to remember that this isn’t something will necessarily appeal to all of your friends. You probably know the folks who will find this fun and those who will find it torture. If your best friend would rather be poked in the eye with a knitting needle than try to use one, don’t feel obligated to invite her. And don’t worry if your guests don’t necessarily know each other; nothing bonds people together like a good Pinterest project.
  2. Pick out a project that will appeal to everyone-and their skill level. I find it’s easiest to have a holiday or seasonal theme to your party so that you can pick out a project that all of your party goers will be interested in. And it doesn’t have to be The Big Holiday either. I did a Spring/Easter party where we did an egg tree, and Erin did Halloween where we made a BOO sign. We also bought supplies to make a Valentine wreath that we never got around to making. Good intentions are part of crafting, you know. Choose something that everyone feels comfortable doing. I can’t sew so I immediately nix the idea of anything involving sewing. Make sure the project is one that both the Martha Stewarts of your group as well as the ones who will likely hot glue their fingers together can do.
  3. Prepare your party space. You need a work space for your party goers to get their crafting on. If you have room to set up a spare folding table and chairs, that’s great. Most of us though will end up at our dining room tables. You will want to protect your table from possible hot glue drips, scissors scraps, and other crafting collateral damage. A cheap table cover should do the trick. I used a $1 Easter cover from Dollar Tree for my party. If you are setting up in an area with carpet, you might want to also put  down some floor covering (newspapers, cheap table cover) to catch any spilled glitter, yarn, etc. Make sure you have sufficient outlets or extension cords if the project requires hot glue guns or any other electrical device.
  4. Buy supplies or go BYOS. You can either supply the supplies or let each guest bring their own. If there is a common material that everyone will be using such as Mod Podge then it’s more economical for one person to buy it and share. And as host, it’s nice if you are that person. For Erin’s party, she had little paper bowls of Mod Podge sitting out at each work station along with a sponge brush.
  5. Have a few snacks. You don’t need an elaborate spread of food for a Pinterest party. Go for snacks that you can easily munch on while crafting. Another idea is to ask each guest to bring a snack that they’ve been wanting to try from their own Pinterest boards.
  6. Have fun! Your crafting project doesn’t have to be perfect. The important thing is to have fun with friends. So what if your seam is a little crooked? When you look back at the finished product, you’re more likely to remember the fun you had at the party instead of noticing a slight mishap.

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