My Coffee Bar Is Open!

A few years ago, my husband and I gave our kitchen a pretty drastic makeover. We put down porcelain tile flooring that looks like hardwood, replaced our counter tops with quartz tops, installed a deeper sink, put up a tile backsplash, and of course, painted the walls and ceiling. And if that wasn’t enough to tackle during our Christmas break, we also added a new cabinet set with a counter top to give me some additional counter space and storage. I tossed around a couple of ideas of how to use the new space. I briefly considered making it my baking space, relocating my Kitchen Aide mixer there and using the cabinets beneath the counter to store my baking supplies. I nixed this idea in favor of moving my coffee maker to the new spot just to make it more accessible. Because those that know me know, I HAVE to have my coffee.

During one of the massive snow storms earlier in the year, I stumbled upon the idea of a home coffee bar on a blog somewhere. I had recently bought a Keurig so I decided to ditch the potted plant and mail basket from the counter top and make this area a dedicated coffee bar.

And here it is!


I bought the “Coffee” artwork from Etsy. The K-cup holder is from Kohls. I left my wax burner there just because it fits nicely and it has to sit somewhere that little hands can’t tip it over. Probably the thing that makes it seem more like a true coffee bar is the stirring sticks!


I bought stirring sticks because I really hated having to dirty a spoon every morning just to stir the creamer in my coffee. These were cheap and I’m pleased with quality. (I’ll post an affiliate link below if you are interested). I keep my extra K cups in the cabinet above the bar along with the spring water I use. I’m really happy with how it all turned out, and it starts my day off right to make my coffee on such an organized bar!

Affiliate Links (I get a small percentage of sales)

Royal 1000 Count Wood Coffee Beverage Stirrers, 5.5″



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