Found on Pinterest: Hits and a Sort of Miss

I have hundreds of recipes pinned on Pinterest. I almost considered throwing down an ultimatum to myself: No more new recipe pins until I have tried a dozen of what I already have pinned. But then I thought, what if I miss a great recipe by doing that? Better not chance it.

I have tried a few new things lately though that I will share with you. I didn’t take pictures of all of them but I will provide links to the original recipes.

First up is Slow Cooker Beef Stew. I’ve actually made this one twice and I have a hankering for it again soon. So, obviously I liked it very much. My husband liked it too (so did his mom), and it was tender enough to feed my toddler. I can see it being a regular menu item here for fall and winter. I did the prep work the night before then tossed it in the slow cooker that morning before work. It was awesome to come home to a delicious, hot meal.

Next is, Mexican Beef Over Cornbread. I didn’t actually find this one on Pinterest but rather through a Pinterest inspired fashion blog that I’m COMPLETELY obsessed with called Pinterest Told Me To. I didn’t follow this recipe to the letter, I omitted the pepper and onion. Instead of serving it over cornbread, I served it over homemade cheese enchiladas. It was very similar to my husband’s favorite dish at our local Mexican restaurant called Enchiladas Rancheros. In fact, he said I nailed it! The meat would also be great in burritos, or for taco salad, and her cornbread suggestion would be good too since it’s kind of a Mexican beef stew.  Another one that I’ll be making again for sure.

I was less impressed by Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff. While the comment on the Pin said it was “to die for” I was less impressed. Maybe my expectations were too high. I had pinned this one a couple of years ago but had sort of avoided it since it contains dry soup mix and canned soup and I generally avoid those processed foods. However, having a busy toddler has knocked me off my clean food high horse and I’m more willing to try anything that will make dinner time easier. I found this to be just a bit too salty for me. Also, since my slow cooker doesn’t have a timer, I had to cook it a couple of hours longer than the recipe suggested. That could have made my sauce much thicker than that of other commenters who raved about the yummy sauce. It wasn’t horrible but with so many other things to try, this probably won’t be repeated.

Have you found anything great on Pinterest lately?


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