Lord Willin’, I’m a Goin’ to the Food Show

Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise…

That’s a popular expression here in Appalachia. It basically means “Barring any catastrophe, I’m planning to…” but more specifically it means, “If it’s God’s will then I’m going to..”

My upcoming plan is to finally make it to the Incredible Food Show in nearby Lexington, Ky this weekend. I’ve been trying to go for years. Usually, the food show falls on Eastern Kentucky University’s Homecoming which I try to never miss. Last year, I was in labor on Homecoming so I didn’t make either event. This year though, the stars have lined up and I have tickets in hand to attend.

The food show is basically an expo where over a hundred local food producers will sell their products and allow foodies like me to sample their wares. There’s also demonstrations and information sessions going on all day, a bookstore section with cookbooks and the headline grabbing event-a demonstration by a celebrity chef. This year’s celebrity is The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

I’m not a huge Ree follower but I do like her show and I have a bunch of her recipes on my “To Try” list. I’m anxious to see her live demonstration. I’m also excited to try a bunch of yummy food and bring some home…maybe even do some Christmas shopping while I’m there.

The weather prediction is bleak, there’s an 80% chance of rain. Hopefully, it won’t make travel too much of a headache.
I told my husband that there’s a good chance, I will spend too much money this weekend. His response: “It took you 5 years to get there, it may be 5 years before you get back, go live it up!”

He’s a good one.

If you follow me on Twitter, I plan to try to do some live Tweeting from the show. If you don’t follow me, join up! You can find me @MindaCompton


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